2120144 Fuel injector return pipe assembly

610800060590 Multi-ribbed belt (matched for freezing)

DHL10Q0880*01 WP10G375E344 diesel engine

612600090507 Engine wiring harness assembly

1001556896 Connection plate

JCH10.5Q0001*01 WP11S460E68 truck diesel engine

612600190530 gas pipe

1012062181 Fan bracket assembly

DHH09Q0044*01 WP9H310E62 diesel engine for construction machinery

612600130228 Hydraulic pump

1001207675 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe

13023418 crankshaft pulley

1001296634 fan clutch

1000959141 Observation hole cover

2030014 Connecting rod bushing

612600113196 Primary air filter

1002122672 Pipe clamp assembly

1005642184 SCR

612630080729 Plastic shell shield

1005374966 Oil dipstick assembly

1000288104 Filter assembly

1004329534 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

C03-953 (YZ485QB) truck diesel engine

612630120116 bracket

1000938883 Fuel leak alarm assembly

1007329774 Generator wiring harness

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000848526 sealing ring

2063335 Turbocharger

1003374157 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe

Z32502777 carbon canister

16080470X gasket

1002601862 High voltage line assembly

2990049 School machine bench shock absorbing ring

612630010247 Filter assembly

1000436526 intake pipe

612600090440 Generator bracket

2085080196 High pressure oil pipe assembly

1000775124 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

1004857839 Water pipe joint

1003289603 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

612600111254 Supercharger oil return pipe

DHP06T0614*01-B (WP6G200E330) diesel engine for agricultural machinery

13075134 Smoke limiter air pipe assembly

2027520/SZ engine front bracket

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1006394913 Main bearing lower shoe

2020034 cylinder gasket

13067852 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2062837 Exhaust pipe gasket

1004940281 DPM water inlet pipe assembly

13061348 Intermediate gear shaft

Z20200113 pipe joint

612640080469 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

1000940922 Engine wiring harness

1000128204 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

13024754 Gas line connecting hose

1002127176 Main bearing lower shoe

DHP06T0569*01 (WP6G220E330) diesel engine for agricultural machinery

13034266 Nuts for sleeve type pipe joints

2102110113A Supercharger exhaust rubber pipe

610800040164 spark plug bushing

1002759857 double-headed stud

1001150902 DPM oil inlet pipe assembly

1009651845 Flywheel assembly

1000101757 High pressure oil pipe assembly

1000167482 Poly V-belt

1003710585 crankshaft pulley

1001358263Z intercooler

612640130036 Gasket

NDB522C-0509 O-ring

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2090090113A Reduction starter motor

2085110110 exhaust elbow

612600020273 crankshaft pulley

13025702 Generator bracket

1002621566 Blocking cover

1000577014 Air filter bracket

1001495830 Stud

1002440814 Bracket

1002500043 External thermostat

330205000527 Fuel return pipe assembly

612601111144Y Turbocharger

610800220074 SCR catalytic muffler

612600100082 Fan bracket assembly

1001706543 Coolant connecting hose

1000408923 Ignition wire harness

612600540471 Engine front right bracket

1003393237 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

1002358878 Hexagon socket plug

1001237940 Support block

13057646 Intake pipe

13059311 Coarse filter-fuel transfer pump fuel pipe assembly

1001331565 Oil cooler cover gasket

1000755071 Water pipe bracket

612600900002 Body assembly

JCP07K0002*01 WP7.270E43 long stroke diesel engine basic engine assembly

13063739 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

1002900383 Bracket

1000187506 Air compressor return pipe assembly

2120506/1 Oil pump outlet pipe assembly

610800190655 High voltage line assembly

A41-027 (YZ4DA1-40) diesel engine (discontinued)

2014006 Water tank bracket welding

DHP12Q0452*01 WP12.375N diesel engine for engineering machinery

1004441944 Coolant connecting hose

90014170003 Light spring washer

DHP12N0270*01 WP12G380E310 diesel engine

1000844703 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

DHN2.3Q0360*01-B WP2.3NQ130E61 truck diesel engine

Z107033 oil drain plug seal

1000272057 Cylinder head sub-assembly

2121007 Fuel injection pump fuel inlet pipe assembly

DHP10K0337*01 WP10NG336E40 natural gas engine (discontinued)

2020196 Generator adjustment mount

330205001155 transition bracket

1003955714 Air filter bracket

DHP15Q0112-200*01-B WP15NG530E61 gas machine

1006345618 Body pre-assembly

1006346059 backing plate

610800110600 Intake pipe assembly

1000913940 Hydraulic pump gear shaft

612600020707 crankshaft pulley

1000186056 Wiring harness bracket

13055326 Fuel inlet pipe

612600061501 Fan bracket grease device

1000450935 Fuel injection pump assembly

2BBYLD-M6X16 half-head screw

9000000880 Hexagonal flange bolt

612630110513 EGR valve

612600011019 Oil dipstick tube

1005004883 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

1006612012 engine wiring harness

612600060518 Coolant connecting hose

9000000361 Hexagonal flange bolt

1000502689 Thermostat body

1003417401 Fuel injector

1011813653 Exhaust pipe insulation layer

612600110452 Muffler (disabled)

13024585 Fuel filter bracket

12189559 corner plate

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000617262 Water pipe joint

2020965/1 Rear oil seal cover gasket

2190352 Water inlet pipe welding

1008496690 Integrated urea tank assembly

612601111006 Turbocharger

611600170015 Rear power take-off lubricating oil pipe assembly

1001779360Z intercooler

1000581718 SCR box assembly

612600082249 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

1002358959 Oil filter inlet pipe

2121069/SZ oil pump oil inlet joint

2190172 Water inlet pipe

61800020012M1 shock absorber

612600150236 Oil pan assembly

1000739534+001 Body assembly

2190712/SZ1 water inlet pipe

13023237 Engine rear left bracket

1000837648 Bracket

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

13052175 Air compressor intake pipe

DHB06G0076 WP6G115E20 diesel engine

DHP10N0143*01 250kW/2200r/min diesel engine-built-in EGR (disabled)

612640060228 Fan clutch assembly

612600190460 sensor wiring harness

13068949 screw

13035273 Generator (disabled)

1001833795 Air intake pipe

612700010049 Piston nozzle assembly

1006066627 Engine wiring harness

1000428779 Oil transfer pump

13058141 Turbocharger

612639000104 hinge bolt

13051717 Oil pan gasket

615Q0170003 Rear power subassembly

1006420965 Turbocharger

DHP04T0104*01 (WP4G154E330) Diesel engine for agricultural machinery

612600180280 Engine monitor

13074624 Sleeve

1004695251 Air intake pipe

2100325 High pressure oil pump

1003139098 Hydraulic pump

330205000505 Fuel return pipe assembly

1000549977 Engine front bracket

1003840705 Tensioner bracket

1012363004 Diesel engine routine maintenance package

2061010/SZ intake pipe

2027178/3 Air compressor

2014513 fuel injector

1002580404 Pipe joint

DHP06T0903*01-B WP6G220E330 diesel engine for agricultural machinery

1006639886 crankshaft assembly

DHP06G0142*01 (WP6G190E331) diesel engine for construction machinery

612600014202 front end cover

DHP06Q0481*01-B (WP6.220E50) truck diesel engine

12187645 starter

1004379007 Pipe joint

2040546/PJGS clutch pressure plate and cover assembly

13038054 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1152537 Stud

1001133979 piston

610800080533 O-shaped rubber seal

1001050790 sealing ring

1001670982 High pressure oil pipe assembly

2062848 Intake take-up

DHP13Q1476*01-B WP13NG460E61 gas machine

1001244213 Body assembly

617024000009 Gas filter element

1000804128 water pump

1000954712 Fuel Water Cold Treasure

13024074 Tension block

2040523 crankshaft

612630110687 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly

1000501384 Body assembly

13022519 Air filter bracket

1000580050 Connection cover

13024970 Pressure temperature sensor

612600061716 Hexagonal flange face toothed bolt

612630020345 connecting rod bushing

1002356651 Gasket

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

100236 Fuel injector repair kit

612600112689 Intercooler intake pipe assembly

612630180031Z Instrument panel assembly (discontinued)

1003138841 Observation window repair kit

612640080179 Common rail pipe bracket

330202000214 Connecting rod assembly

612600080010 speed regulator

2040108/2 flywheel ring gear

1001591333 piston

1009440671 Urea tank bracket

DHP07K0637*01 WP7NG270E50 natural gas engine (discontinued)

612600900036 Body assembly

1000965450 Piston nozzle assembly

1000781401 Turbocharger

612600150486 Oil pan assembly

612600130615M1 air compressor assembly

28200338/PJGS cylinder head

13067799 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

1007097956 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly

1007355377 DOC assembly

13614240M oil pipe

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

13027286 Water pump inlet pipe

612600110809 pad

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000210037 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

X6260.138 fuel pipe bracket

612600080213 One-way valve

DHN2.3Q0073*01 (WP2.3NQ130E61) truck diesel engine

612630010083 Filter assembly

1000721433 Oil line connecting hose

2120343 Oil pipe joint

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

612600180040-1 Dashboard

B03-817 (YZ4105QF) truck diesel engine (discontinued)

1003437880 EGR cooler water inlet pipe

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2100276/SZ high pressure oil pump

1004325147 Pipe joint

1003983516 Fuel return pipe assembly

1000279656 valve bridge

1000391223 Gas line connecting hose

610800040219 Bowl-shaped plug

2190318 Water inlet pipe

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2060469/SZ exhaust elbow protective cover (left)

DH2.3K0044*01 WP2.3Q95E50 Passenger Car Diesel Engine

1001539012 Fan bracket assembly

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2028003 Front bracket welding (left)

DH4.1T0002*01 WP4.1G133E311 diesel engine for agricultural machinery

2100512/1 Fuel injection pump assembly

1001346237 Outlet pipe gasket

2100619/SZ fuel injection pump assembly

1001255339 heater

330205000521 Pipe joint

610800010199 Hexagon head bolt

1006551072 Engine wiring harness

2020848/2 Air compressor

612600081644 1st cylinder high pressure oil pipe assembly

1003567886 Cover plate

1004680890 Oil pump

13058762 Oil filter

DHP13Q0393*01 WP13.550E501 diesel engine

2030370 Piston

13055440 Support block

612600190243 Humidity sensor

2105020115 crankshaft pulley

612601080914 Fuel injection pump assembly

612630060146 Bracket

Z20280050 EGR intake pipe assembly

1000250306 spacer

DHN2.3Q0164*01-B (WP2.3NQ130E61) truck diesel engine

15053160F fuel drain pan

61500060131 fan

1002213786 Cylinder head assembly

612600040349 Lifting ring clamping block

1003064889 spacer

1001251522 intermediate gear shaft

1003460127 Pipe clamp assembly

13055835 water pipe joint

612600130001 Hexagonal nut

2102590105 radiator

1000151026 Fuel primary filter

1003708017 Automatic tensioning wheel

DHH10Q0261*01-B WP10HNG350E60 gas machine (supporting freezing)

1001986428 Oil dipstick tube lower assembly

1002304055 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe

41901414F Hexagonal flange bolt

1001985934 DPM return pipe assembly (platform frozen)

1000317420 Turbocharger

1006730397 Flywheel housing assembly

13035848 Fuel injection pump assembly

612600081190 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

1007772496 EGR intake pipe heat shield

1009657661 Seawater pump repair kit

2085560110A Flameout wire drawing connector assembly

1002004392 Engine wiring harness

612600113057M1 EGR exhaust gas exhaust pipe

612600130262 Hydraulic pump (disabled)

1000463692 Flywheel housing

1002331490 Pipe clamp assembly

1012565451 Connecting rod assembly

612660110064 Pipe clamp assembly

1000129712 Air compressor intake pipe

1002839465 O-shaped rubber seal

2020897/1 Air conditioning compressor bracket

2050318/SZ Idler gear mechanical assembly

DHP06T0945*01 WP6G200E330 Diesel engine for agricultural machinery

1000331866 Fuel injector return pipe assembly

1000540293 Exhaust pipe insulation layer

B0511569A Oil filter bracket

90011430053 Hexagonal flange face-toothed bolts

DHP06T0673*01-B (WP6G200E330) Diesel engine for agricultural machinery (matching frozen)

90018220001 Hose hoop

2121208/SZ diesel filter assembly

1001171704 Hexagonal flange bolt

1002833704 Supercharger heat shield assembly

2120757/SZ high pressure oil pipe

1001581493 Pipe joint

1007507459 High pressure oil pipe assembly

1004664979 fan

13023517 Pipe joint

612600081573 Connector

DHP12K0287*01 WP12.375E55 passenger car diesel engine

2100326 Fuel injection pump assembly

2B090006 Automobile V-belt

DHN4.6G0029*01 WP4.6NG125E300 diesel engine for construction machinery

1000181334 Exhaust pipe

X6209.102 Intercooler intake pipe

1000072204 Fuel return pipe assembly (matched for freezing)

1003194698 Integrated DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

2060468/SZ2 exhaust pipe protective cover (right)

1001309072 Fuel injection pump flange assembly

1000105957 EGR cooler water outlet pipe

1009918991 intermediate gear shaft

1001101111 Injection valve nozzle

1003124578 Sensor holder

612600080931 WD12 fuel pipe

612600020706 crankshaft pulley

DHP10G0199*01 (WP10G220E31NG) gas machine

610800130061 Air compressor exhaust connector

1004158909 Pipe joint

1000144656 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

612630110328Y Turbocharger

1009568778 Air compressor return pipe assembly

612600113977 Front heat shield

2027015/1 clutch housing

12270656 Engine rear right bracket

AZ1560116048 Turbocharger

13060226 Bracket

2102010127 water pipe

W21302905F supercharger oil inlet pipe

2028323/SZ cylinder liner

2027757B cylinder liner

1002221745 gasket

2090560105 bracket

2021816/SZ1 front bracket welding (left)

1001462531 Water pump inlet pipe

612600191732 High voltage line assembly

1001397957 Fixed bracket

612640080039 Common rail fuel injection pump assembly

41840108A Cylindrical pin

13058227 Fixed bracket

1006543055 Camshaft timing gear

1001369333 Oil pan assembly

1006994856 Positioning sleeve

1003152506 Intercooler intake pipe heat shield

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

DHL10G0014*01 (WP10G220E343) diesel engine for engineering machinery

41610052A Single pipe clamp

1000195591 Exhaust valve bridge assembly

1003738013 Oil pan assembly

1005797093 Air compressor water inlet pipe assembly

1000838454 bolt

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