DHB06T0151 WP6G175E22 diesel engine (discontinued)

610800050049 intake valve

DHD12Q0185*01 (WD12.375) truck diesel engine

1001554202 Flywheel housing

330208000028 Gas line connecting hose

610800070015 oil filter

1001626562 Compressed air pipe

612600090369 pressure sensor

331010000425 Water pipe assembly

13058365 DFMEA reference A618Q010057

DH2.1Q0008 WP2.1 truck diesel engine

2014326 clamp

2010178 Cylinder head mechanical assembly

1001377941 intake valve

13022499 Gasket

13024071M1 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

612600083398 Fuel pump-fine filter fuel pipe assembly

13060655 External thermostat

13025773 Sealing gasket

13068100 Water pump inlet pipe

610800190092 Fuel injector wiring harness assembly

DHN4.6Q0066*01-B (WP4.6NQ220E50) truck diesel engine WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000727669 Turbocharger

1008541245 Engine wiring harness

1009982097 DOC assembly

1000509646 Engine front right bracket

2040010/PJGS crankshaft

1004486051 sealing ring

2027811 Hydraulic pump cover

9000000118 Retaining ring for shaft

1000975864 air filter

612600082020 board

612600131079 Gas line connecting hose

612601110956 HX50 supercharger (invalid)

1002428592 Fan clutch assembly

DHN03D0016*01-B WP3ND100A0 Diesel engine for land power generation

1006109458 Bracket assembly

612630080737 Sensor wiring harness

1001714866 Water pump (platform frozen)

13039520 Crankshaft combination set

1000336234 Flywheel assembly

2230456/1 Reduction starter motor

1007672476 Idler pulley

DHN4.1T0035*01 (WP4.1NG175E301) diesel engine for agricultural machinery

1000955904 Air intake pipe

1009471272 cylinder head gasket

1005639715 DOC

1001038586 Engine front bracket

612600080122 spring

13061575 Turbocharger

1002854299 Poly V-belt

610800010402 Main bearing lower shoe

13027239 Body assembly

610800080149 1st cylinder high pressure oil pipe assembly

1005370698M1 Fuel Water Cold Treasure

1002564394 Engine wiring harness

1002062516 Electric oil transfer pump assembly

612630080738 Pipe joint

612600900073 Weichai power core assembly

DHD10G0654*01 (WD10G240E203) diesel engine for construction machinery

1001001015 heat exchanger

1000905928 Outlet pipe joint

DHP12N0316*01-B WP12G460E310 diesel engine

61500030077 connecting rod bushing

13073375 water pump

1000169347 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

1000885933 Exhaust brake butterfly valve

9000000690 O-shaped rubber seal

612600118900Z Turbocharger

2100369 Fuel injection pump assembly

2010494 Respirator hose bracket

1002033603 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

Z20200030 high pressure oil pipe assembly

2040121 Flywheel assembly

2090110125A Generator heat shield

1000826413 Intermediate gear assembly

13032382 Fuel injection pump assembly

W21332047F pipe joint

1000496337 Air compressor lubricating oil pipe assembly

1001534316 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

612700030010 sealing ring

13067851 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

612600112673 exhaust manifold

612650030001 piston

612650080021 4th cylinder high pressure oil pipe assembly

1000816119 Exhaust pipe assembly

1003420144 piston

1002037700 Filter gasket

410800540028 Air conditioning compressor bracket

1004765619 DPM return pipe assembly

1000310457 Flywheel housing

612600111016 Exhaust pipe heat shield

612600111707 tube

90011270077 Hexagon head bolt

28899/PJGSL crankshaft 4102QF/QF6

1004035762 Muffler assembly

2027124 Gear air pump gasket

2028031 Generator bracket

612601111135Z Turbocharger

1001218441 Clutch driven plate assembly

612630180112 Pressure temperature sensor

2027230 Steering pump oil inlet joint

612600070125 Filter assembly

330203000354 Water pump inlet pipe assembly WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

13024734 Connection disk

330210000131 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly

331003000296 Seawater pump

1004503299 Engine monitor WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

612600115611 Air filter bracket

610800190348 Heat exchanger fresh water inlet pipe

1001840467 Fuel return pipe assembly

1008081561 Integrated urea tank assembly

612600010517 Flywheel housing

1000216055 Water pipe joint

612600114143 Supercharger oil inlet pipe

2027422/SZ air pump gear

1012992084 SCR assembly WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

612600011943 Front left bracket

1003495446 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

1002025936 Compressor intake pipe

DHB04T0070 WP4T160E200 diesel engine (discontinued)

1005418400 Water pipe assembly

100252 Grease nozzle

61561Q-7020001 Pulley (disabled)

2062362 heater

DHD10G0428*01-B (WD10G220E23) diesel engine for engineering machinery

2027220/1 Gear chamber cover assembly

1005017365 Special-shaped rubber sealing ring

15540070FJ oil pump

1003637624 Fuel return pipe assembly

1010561847 fan

1004961918 piston

2014642 sealing gasket

1001012844 Fuel pump-fine filter fuel pipe assembly

1009435201 Turbocharger

1003490700 Gas line connecting hose

DHP12Q0533*03 (WP12.375E40) truck diesel engine

2121174 Fuel injector return pipe transition joint

1003482708 Connection plate

612639000060S pipe joint

1002357430 generator

X6260.590 fuel injector

DHB06T0114*01 WP6T165E200 diesel engine (discontinued)

2105010102A cylinder liner

1003906008 Air filter bracket

1002569388 Engine wiring harness

1002750799 Water inlet pipe

13033552 Oil dipstick assembly

2120255 High pressure oil pipe

612600115919 air filter

612600180293Y 1500r/min instrument panel assembly

1001623785 Oil line connecting hose

13060464 Blocking cover

13067315 Throttle flexible shaft bracket

13021380 connection disk

612600180071 Instrument panel assembly

1003232936 Supercharger heat shield

13053293 Flywheel assembly

2020671 Separate wishbone

Z38901413 catalytic converter

612600191521 Fixed bracket

X6260.001 flange

1002826837 Turbocharger

1004229072 protective cover

2190244/1 water pump

W20012187H body components

1004246194 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly

1000379866 Turbocharger

612640130868 Urea tank bracket

DHP10Q1084*02 WP10.270E32 diesel engine (discontinued)

A18-884 YZ4102ZLQ WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

13038701 Air compressor water inlet pipe

Z20320036 DOC oxidation catalytic converter

1006354209 Exhaust pipe gasket assembly

612630030328 Pipe joint assembly

1009019159 Idler gear bracket

612601080874 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

1000908049 Gasket

1000386055 hydraulic pump

2040622/PJGS crankshaft

331005001244 Fuel injector return pipe

1004848347 Gas line connecting hose

1001166008 Special engine maintenance tools

1003838408 Generator bracket

1002986151 Torsional vibration absorber

13033504 Outlet pipe

1000985052 Intercooling tube bracket

610800120011 Intercooler tube bracket

2027632/SZ rear bracket welding

1000525527 muffler assembly

2130105 gasket

2121107/SZ fuel injector return pipe assembly

612630030214 Intercooler right bracket

1000084438 Air compressor air inlet joint

612600090738 Wiring harness bracket

612600540438 Idler gear bracket (discontinued)

2230111 Water temperature sensor

330208000252 Air filter bracket

612600111367 Compressor outlet pipe

DH2.3K0012*01 (WP2.3Q95E50) Passenger car diesel engine

1112331 Hexagon head bolt

DHL10Q0324*01 WP10.336E53 diesel engine

DHL10G0091*01-B (WP10G220E343) diesel engine for construction machinery (matching frozen)

1001340558 Water pipe joint

612600083641 Fuel pump-fine filter fuel pipe assembly

2260318 Supercharger oil pipe assembly

1009869820 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

2021525 Air compressor intake pipe combination

612630120216 Coolant connecting hose (matched for freezing)

612600120190 Intake take-up

DHP06G0194*01 (WP6G140E330) diesel engine for construction machinery

1007740339 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

1000439192 Air compressor water inlet pipe assembly

9000002168 Hexagon head bolt

612640130122 terminal

1011889925 clamp

2014987 Front cover gasket

9000000791 Hexagonal flange bolt

2020110 Washer

1000701636 Intercooler intake pipe

330305000897 Fuel pump-fine filter fuel pipe assembly

612600120175 Intercooler end cover

1008647801 Cylinder head auxiliary bolt

1002071991 Main bearing cap

1002527927 cylinder head cover

13037135 Front right packaging bracket

330201000191 Piston nozzle assembly

612630030136Z Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

13052716 Oil cooler return pipe

14519350CJ Valve spring combination set

612600909043A Weichai parts grease cleaning agent

28856/PJGSL 4108 flywheel assembly

1000279443 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

2085040110A Respirator assembly

DHP07K0232*01 WP7.240E30 diesel engine (discontinued)

1000561209 sleeve WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1008271676 Generator

28235/PJGSL exhaust elbow

612600110297 clamp

1001682969 Oil pan assembly WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000844707 Oil and gas separator housing assembly

2027231 Steering pump oil outlet joint

2085730136 vacuum tube

1005004847 Integrated DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

612640010010 Connector

1006411513 Hydraulic pump assembly

1003650671 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly

1002493974 Turbocharger

A18-032 (YZ4D37TC) truck diesel engine

612600190861 gas pipe

1000436549 Seawater pump

13027068 Tightening bolt bracket

612600013590 Timing gear room (supported frozen)

DHP07K0918*01 (WP7NG260E50) gas machine (supporting freezing)

1000713056M1 wind support

612600080178 screw

1000373092 Flywheel housing

612630110715 Turbocharger

1000940439 Water pump inlet pipe

610800110948 Exhaust pipe heat shield

61500050036 Ring spring ferrule

13034614 Water tank bracket WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000595166 LPG evaporation pressure reducer

1007192675 Camshaft assembly

612660110067 DPM water inlet pipe assembly

Z20300131 air compressor

610800160036 Outlet pipe joint

2060149/1 exhaust pipe

1008263167 crankshaft pulley bolt

DHH06G0018*01-B (WP6HG175E303) diesel engine for engineering machinery

1003807322 Automatic tensioning wheel

1001264602 SCR catalytic muffler

2027402/PJGS body

JMP13G0003R*01 WP13G530E310

1004766071 DPM return pipe assembly

612630060249M1 Generator bracket

9000000481 Hexagonal flange bolt

1000850408 gasket

1004522716 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe assembly

1002034076 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

2085540107A Front bracket welding (right)

B03-891 (YZ4105QF) truck diesel engine (discontinued)

1006758468 DPM oil inlet pipe assembly

2100641/SZ high pressure oil pump

612600087084 Fuel injection pump assembly

1000071595 Outlet pipe joint

610800010015 Main bearing lower shoe

612630030152 Lubricating oil pipe

13025986 Generator tightening bolt

611600130006 intermediate gear shaft

612600030010A piston

1001223557 Oil cooler return pipe assembly

X6260.104 intake pipe

610800130262 sealing ring

1011908556 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

2027123 Gear chamber cover gasket

1006603681 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe

13039520+001 crankshaft assembly

DHP03Q0009 WP3 truck diesel engine

13074776 clamp

612600530047 Oil-water radiator assembly

1005214967 generator

28859/PJGSL 4110 flywheel assembly

330208000306 Gasket

13061643 intake pipe

612600140041 Flexible shaft bracket WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1003148641 cover

1002454243 Air compressor lubricating oil pipe assembly

1002240087 heat exchanger

1004952566 Ventilation valve

1004099340 valve guide

2102130132A Power steering pump

1001557104 Air compressor return pipe assembly

612600021009 support block

15551760M Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

612600061357M1 Tension pulley seat

1000561042 Exhaust pipe

1010842045 Oil cooler cover

1005907198 Bracket

1000698128 Air compressor intake pipe

1006624779 Water pipe assembly WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000556553 Air intake pipe

610800080455 tube

1007647667 Poly V-belt

1000983132 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

612600113869 Turbocharger

610800220032 SCR box assembly

W21282993F dipstick tube

1006302030 water pump

2027712/SZ Gasket

9000000579 Hexagonal flange bolt

1001682841 Rocker arm lubricating oil pipe

DHL10T0007*01-B (WP10G286E301) diesel engine for agricultural machinery (matching frozen)

X6231.473W double-layer high-pressure oil pipe assembly

10132096G Oil seal assembly

1004054074 Coolant connecting hose

612600091050 starter assembly

1001265141 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

1003492770 Exhaust pipe bolt

AZ1560070025 Fuel injection pump lubricating oil return pipe assembly

612600010564 pointer

1004450213 Water pump sub-assembly

1010763862 Urea injection pipe

612600114317 Intake take-up

1002980928 EGR cooler water inlet pipe

1002102293 Front end cover

612600081218 Fuel injection pump assembly WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2021812/SZ gear chamber

612600191218 Bracket

2020824/1 body WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1004550385 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

1001314745 SCR catalytic muffler

3BPU10X6.5/QG trachea

612600113470Y Turbocharger

1000126238 Flange

1001641652 Fuel return pipe assembly

1007022914 Piston ring assembly

1008785565 water pump

DHN4.6Q0185*01-B WP4.6NQ220E61A truck diesel engine (supporting frozen)

1001698181 Engine wiring harness

1000984691 Wiring harness bracket

DHP12Q2474*01-B (WP12.460E50) truck diesel engine

1003033820 O-shaped rubber seal

611600050089 Air intake push rod

612601111032 Turbocharger

1002653352 Engine wiring harness WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

612600060678 water pump

1000837830 Built-in thermostat

1003993894 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe

13053335 screw

1003169669 water pump bracket

1001542180 Outlet pipe

1003392377 Hexagon head screw plug

1003020379 Piston pin retaining ring

DHH09Q0086*01-B WP9H310E62 diesel engine for construction machinery

1001066176 High pressure oil pipe assembly

612600090923 starter

13074943 muffler

1004033672 Oil filter element

1006735276 Engine wiring harness

612600012327 Oil line connecting hose

13030243 Engine rear left bracket

61560110222 Rear exhaust manifold

61560080276M1 fuel injector assembly

610800040117 Ignition coil bushing

1007010517 Tightening block

331005001228 Pipe clamp assembly

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