1005200727 Water pipe assembly

1002091364 Generator

1002054097 water pump

13027028 intake pipe

1007863643 Outlet pipe joint

612630060200 connector

61800130043 Air compressor

2030579/SZ Piston

1000855068 air filter element

1000442958 fuel filter

15540570ZJ oil cooler

13035036 Water pipe assembly

90003802558 Hexagon head bolt

612630110240 tube

DHH10Q0232*01-B (WP10.5H460E50) truck diesel engine

1008083389 Fuel primary filter

1005160934 Support screw

2060257 Turbo exhaust pipe gasket

612600112329 Intake pipe assembly

1002808809 cover

612630010418M1 front end cover

812700080003 Pipe clamp assembly

1002570829 spacer

615T1070300 oil filter bracket

61561110223Z Turbocharger

612600130947 Intake pipe joint

612600030069 Connecting rod upper tile

612600111654 Intercooler intake pipe (discontinued)

2102010115A clutch housing

2021872 Gear chamber cover

2062830 intake pipe

1000754705 Bushing

1000095285 Oil and gas separator return pipe

9000000292 Hexagonal flange bolt

90011430010 Hexagonal flange face-toothed bolts

1000265814 Oil cooler return pipe

1011721430 Oil dipstick

2170251 Oil filter cooler assembly

1000665154 Fuel coarse filter element

1002304092 Fan connection plate

DHH10Q0055*01 WP10H375E50 diesel engine (discontinued)

1001815106 Piston ring assembly

331010000317 Supercharger bracket

1000133274 hollow bolt

1010356840 Oil filter and cooler assembly

DHP06G0262*01-B (WP6G200E331) diesel engine for construction machinery

1004920139 Gasket

1003567578 Fuel return pipe assembly

2010237 blocked

1001937041 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly

1000138344 Idler gear bracket

2010953/1/PJGS cylinder head sub-assembly

612640080076 Fuel primary filter

DHP06K0773*01 (WP6.245E50) Passenger car diesel engine

1013732388 Diesel engine routine maintenance package

612600020675 crankshaft pulley

1003437394 Air compressor lubricating oil pipe assembly

DHN03Q0009*01 (WP3NQ160E61) truck diesel engine

1000575582 Fan cover assembly

13026106 water pipe

612600061650 pipe joint

2120906 Fuel injector return pipe assembly

13026128 Oil dipstick tube head

DHP17G0028*01-B WP17G770E302 diesel engine for engineering machinery

612600090766 Pressure temperature sensor

1001398619 Pipe clamp assembly

1000570811 triangle belt

1000602190 Flywheel housing connecting ring

612600020660 crankshaft pulley

1001362115 Urea tank assembly

612600010282 Hexagon head bolt

1000982177 Intake take-up

1004890368 Mixed intake pipe

610800040005A valve guide

DHH10Q0558*01-B WP10H400E50 truck diesel engine

61800010132A Main bearing lower shoe

28200327/PJGS body

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000880527 Add oil pipe cap

1000053904 Hydraulic pump assembly

1005004926 Integrated DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

612600061714 Hexagonal flange face-toothed bolt

13024243 intermediate gear

1001136670 Fuel injector return pipe assembly

1006119136 Urea tank

13060957 Fuel filter bracket

13038264 Gasket

1002750785 Exhaust pipe

1000525532 Fuel injector return pipe assembly

1001254075 Filter assembly

DHL12G0008*01 (WP12G350E303) diesel engine for engineering machinery

2027120/1 Oil seal assembly

13070633 Pre-machined thrust main bearing cap

1001347180 card board

90011430049 Hexagonal flange face-toothed bolts

1005023948 Three-way catalytic converter

DHP03Q0046 (WP3Q130E50) Passenger car diesel engine (matching frozen)

13502200E O-shaped rubber seal

2030771/SZ piston ring assembly

13050022 muffler

612600530034 radiator

1001421237 Spin-on oil filter

1007855330 oil pump

13069104 cylinder head gasket

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1003006810 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe

1005013030 Fuel Water Cold Treasure

2120165 fuel filter bracket

1001952192 Air filter bracket

DHP12Q0224*04 WP12.375E40 diesel engine (discontinued)

13052161 Engine wiring harness-NTDD

612640130637 SCR box assembly

612600900276 Engine gasket repair kit

1000540502 Valve lock clip

1002372083 sealing ring

1006466587 crankshaft assembly

1002028042 Radiator

1001345512 Outlet pipe

41100010045 retaining ring

DH2.1Q0022-B WP2.1 truck diesel engine

612630120287 Intercooler end cover

1000769457 Engine wiring harness

28474/PJGSL generator adjustment mount

1004978016 Gas line connecting hose

1000411525 Fuel return pipe assembly

2021638/SZ air compressor oil inlet pipe combination

Z20090003 spacer sleeve

1000144435 front end cover

2021396 Gear chamber cover assembly

1006462897M1 crankshaft assembly

1007235337 Outlet pipe

1009185531 Water pipe joint

612601110992 Turbocharger

2040384 Flywheel assembly

1002358113 High pressure oil pipe bracket

1005557267 Screw seat

612600111869 Intake pipe assembly

1002028019 Fuel injector return pipe assembly

DHP12G0164*01-B WP12G336E350 diesel engine for engineering machinery

612600061682 Water pump adding butter device

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1001488614 Oil line connecting hose

1002321364 Camshaft copper sleeve installer

1002543093 Support block

612600191086 Bracket

Z20140023 fuel fine filter element

612630060008 Air conditioning compressor

DHN03Q0031*01 (WP3NQ160E50) truck diesel engine

20302180F connecting rod upper tile

612601080926 Fuel injection pump assembly

1000463924 Compressor intake pipe assembly

612630900012 Body assembly

DHP08Q0025*01 (WP8.340E51) truck diesel engine

1001105771 Oil and gas separator

610800100023 Fan connection plate

612600082608 Electric fuel pump controller

330202000226 Hexagonal flange bolt

1003107443 Gas line connecting hose

612640060226 fan clutch

2120130 Fuel injection pump fuel inlet pipe assembly

612600115446 Front exhaust manifold

612600081409 Fine filter-injection pump fuel pipe assembly

13501810F Cover

612601080778 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

612630020363 Flywheel connection ring

1001167402 Fuel return pipe assembly

612600140052 Support plate

90003802447 Hexagon head bolt

1000736496 muffler

1119248 Hinge bolt

2014712/SZ1 Thermostat cover

612600082010 tube

612600083550 Fuel return pipe

1009732219 Two-stage oil pump

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1002109678 Turbocharger

13021588 Ball bearing (discontinued)

1007173098 Connection plate

1001232959 radiator

13036107 Heat exchanger bracket

1012350446 Engine turning device connecting plate

DHP03K0025 (WP3Q130E401) diesel engine (discontinued)

1001641635 Engine wiring harness

1000143773 Engine hanging plate

612630830165 Front left packaging bracket

1001036409 muffler

1001164359 Single tube clip

1002644305 Ignition coil bushing

1001933441 Rear oil seal

1001063432 Combination sealing gasket

1002566283 Connecting rod lower tile

331003000551 Outlet pipe

1002365834 Poly V-belt

1003458877 Urea tank sensor

2040207/1 clutch pressure plate bolt

610800020029 crankshaft pulley

2085110122A intake pipe

13034235 Air intake pipe

1000169897 Intake resistance alarm

X6260.329 intermediate gear

1003370440 Coarse filter-fuel transfer pump fuel pipe assembly

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

13021124 Flywheel

611600130003 Intermediate gear assembly

612630010641 Engine rear left bracket

13051992 Middle flange

612600190580 Turbocharger

1003728853 Gasket

1000450505 Exhaust pipe

1005909786 Muffler bracket

612650130126 SCR catalytic muffler

13026922 Pipe joint (discontinued)

1007260876 Add oil pipe

13033171 Heat exchanger

1000129521 Fuel return pipe

9000000467 O-shaped rubber seal

331005000680 Fine filter-injection pump fuel pipe assembly

DHN4.6S0003*01-B WP4.6NG200E470A Diesel engine for agricultural machinery

2085520103A Clutch pressure plate and cover assembly

DHP03K0043 (WP3Q130E50) Passenger car diesel engine

1001953325 Oil pipe joint

DH3.7Q0050 () Truck diesel engine (discontinued)

1012364781 Diesel engine routine maintenance package

1008575035 SCR assembly

1000175410 O-shaped rubber seal (platform frozen)

61500010122 Oil line connecting hose

2067800 Adjustment spacer

DHP12Q2080*01 WP12.430E50 truck diesel engine

DHB06T0051*01 WP6T110E20 diesel engine

13025013 Hexagon head bolt

1000971737Z heat exchanger

615G00150023A Oil pan assembly

1163722 Temperature sensor

1004542812 gas pipe

1007485396 fan

13023328 Muffler bracket

612600150200 Oil pan assembly

1005060870 Pipe joint

612600061221 Tension pulley assembly

1006606908 Urea tank

1001063662 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly

1000185830 Pipe joint

1006828829 Oil filter cover

2220207 Wiring harness bracket

13065822 Piston ring assembly

1007081897 Pipe clamp assembly

2027628 Generator bracket

1001238100 Oil and gas separator

2100474/SZ high pressure oil pump

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2250997/SZ1 flameout handle

1005546855 SCR assembly

1002486515 Gas line connecting hose

DH3.7Q0174*01 YZ4DA2-40 truck diesel engine

1007048158 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly

1003008194 Body assembly (platform frozen)

1000268109 Intake pipe assembly

1003731346 exhaust pipe

2220240/SZ wire harness bracket

1002240064Y Heat exchanger (platform frozen)

1004498897 Water pump pulley

612600090891 Engine wiring harness (matched and frozen)

1005972251 Wiring harness bracket

13022725 Flywheel

1004502175 Cylinder head sub-assembly

1010880364 DOC assembly

DHN03Q0182*01 (WP3NQ140E61) truck diesel engine

99012570084 pin

612600090244 Generator

13021986 Protective cover

1010880360 DOC_DPF assembly

612600083277Y Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

1001512648 Turbocharger

1005621547 Gas line connecting hose

1004245745 Intake pipe assembly

61560110051-3 management card

1001927021 Flywheel bolt

612600061919 Water pump inlet pipe

C03-808 (YZ485QB) truck diesel engine

90011350103 Hexagon head bolt

2260200 Supercharger oil return pipe welding

1012227527 water pump

1003420299 Water pipe joint

612600010150 pipe joint

1000318391 Engine wiring harness

1000726265 fuel injector

13024457 triangle belt

DHP13N0052*01 WP13G480E310 diesel engine

DHP05K0259*01 WP5NG180E50 natural gas engine

1001250430 Speed sensor bracket

1008582923 Integrated urea tank assembly

1005604747 Water pipe assembly

DHL12Q0103*01 (WP12.420E32) truck diesel engine

Z30300008 Hexagon socket head screw

2060202 Exhaust branch pipe

13057203 Pipe clamp

13050439 Electronic foot pedal

DHH07G0002*01-B WP7HG218E303 diesel engine for construction machinery

Z20380035 front bracket welding

1000257769 Coolant connecting hose

Z20230165 Supercharger oil inlet pipe

1000374463 Generator bracket

612600830014 Rear left bracket

DHP06T0637*01-B (WP6G190E330) diesel engine for agricultural machinery

1003655182 Oil pan assembly

2160352 gasket

2190206 water pump assembly

2230345 Reduction starter motor

1002820161 O-shaped rubber seal

1000419910 Vacuum pump oil return pipe assembly

DHN4.6Q0240*01 (WP4.6NQ220E62) truck diesel engine

1001031898 signal plate

1000809278 Body assembly

410800540017 Rear left packaging bracket

9000000422 Hexagon head bolt

90011260052 Hexagon head bolt

DHP17G0024*01-B WP17G770E302 diesel engine for construction machinery

DHD10G0431*01-B (WD10G220E23) diesel engine for construction machinery

612600540344 Engine front right bracket

DHP13Q0036*01 WP13.480E401 diesel engine (discontinued)

1001234956 Intermediate gear assembly

1006203219 Gas line connecting hose

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000955971 Fuel inlet pipe

612600115020 air filter body

1001820522 Fuel inlet pipe assembly (complete with frozen)

2014521/SZ cylinder head cover assembly

90011400009S Hexagonal flange bolts enlarged series

1000860393 Washer

1004034208 Front cover

612600090367 sealing ring

1000333310 Automatic tensioning wheel

1000498802 Engine wiring harness

1005626929 Poly V-belt

612600090377 Generator bracket

DHP07T0173*01-B WP7G300E302 diesel engine for agricultural machinery

DHL10Q0005*01 WP10.336E43 diesel engine (discontinued)

612600010799 Hexagon head bolt

612600111523 Oil line connecting hose

610800060317 Hexagonal flange bolt

2090040122B sealing gasket

2102110197 Fixing Bracket

DHP06T0328*01 (WP6G150E330A) diesel engine for agricultural machinery

615G60110001 Hexagon head bolt

2102540102 Front bracket welding (right)

1001477041 fan clutch

1002976439 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2027537A cylinder liner

1000617267 Intercooling tube bracket

DHP05K0162*01 WP5.200E40 diesel engine (discontinued)

1004347872 Integrated DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

1001766724 Liquid level sensor

1009145335 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

612600080172 Pipe joint

1011016012 DPF assembly

1002470088 Exhaust pipe heat shield

1002874672 Common rail fuel injection pump assembly

1001139750 Exhaust pipe gasket

20513191F fan bracket assembly

90011400064 Hexagonal flange bolt

2102130151 Power steering pump

1000588582 Fuel primary filter

90011350062 Hexagon head bolt

W20302078F intermediate main bearing bush

612600191684 High voltage line assembly

1000267154 Fan cover assembly

1007733096 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe

1002004109 Main bearing assembly

2022038 Front bracket welding (left)

1000914300 Fuel injection pump lubricating oil inlet pipe assembly

77717851A Fuel return pipe

1000363664 water pump

612600130619 Air compressor assembly

1005125842 starter

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

612600040425 Cylinder head sub-assembly

1007037246 Intercooler intake pipe assembly

615Q0170006 bearing cap

612600191486 ECU wiring harness

610800110681 Intercooler intake pipe

1000860410 Bracket

612600190684 Gas line connecting hose

1002365323 Fuel return pipe assembly

DHP12K0101*01 (WP12.400N) Passenger car diesel engine

1002742879 Bracket

1001581583 Voltage regulator assembly

612600081246M1 high pressure oil pump assembly

1004198453 Turbocharger

610800060338 Heater connector

612600130532 Pipe joint

1002880471 Oil dipstick tube lower assembly

1012869387 Gas machine routine maintenance package

1001797301 Oil pressure sensor connector

1007859168 Rear power take-off assembly

1001051388 Pipe clamp

1000905991 Body assembly

1000162103 Engine wiring harness

610800030017 connecting rod bushing

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