1000294573 Front end cover

90011260010 Hexagon head bolt

612600061402 Tension wheel bracket

612600081036 Fuel injection pump assembly

612600081235M1 high pressure oil pump

1000181096 Flywheel connection ring

1009077129 Turbocharger WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

DHP06T0543*01-B (WP6G160E310A) diesel engine for agricultural machinery

90013050034 Hexagon socket head screw

X6260.411 intake pipe cover

612600013581 Bowl-shaped plug

610800010230 support block

13033917Z crankshaft

2120328 Fuel injector return pipe assembly

612600110972 Desert air filter (electrical signal)

612600090567 Protective cap

1003423665 Supercharger oil inlet pipe gasket

30412002F valve driving mechanism

1000195970 Flywheel connecting ring

DH428K0022*01-B (RA428Q163E50) Passenger car diesel engine

1001866925 Pipe joint

13039441 Flange

610800190434 ECU wiring harness WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2100325/SZ high pressure oil pump

1004559656 Pipe clamp assembly

1001957560 Bracket

612600061852 water pump

612600020836 crankshaft pulley

1006477128 Bracket WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

DH4.1K0028 (WP4.1Q140E50) Passenger car diesel engine

1001758275 Flywheel connection ring

90014350008 Spring washer

1003788707 Urea filter element assembly

DHD10G0454R*01 (WD10G220E21) diesel engine for construction machinery

1000382551 terminal

Z104818 bolt sealant

1003566784 Mixer assembly

1008107403 Fuel drain pan

DHP06K0350*01 (WP6NG240E50) gas machine

611600040039 pipe clamp

1001152803 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

1010607600 Air compressor return pipe assembly

1009540473 Muffler bracket

1001041608 air filter element

1001620945 crankshaft pulley WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

DHP13Q0544*01 WP13.530E501 diesel engine

612600040114 Valve stem sealing sleeve

1002266824 Smoke limiter air pipe assembly

612600140111 Throttle flexible shaft bracket

1000295590 Engine front bracket

1006106287 front end cover

1009032336 Gasket

612600120258 Intercooler bracket

1006462583 Exhaust pipe bracket

612600111579 Connecting elbow

612600010563 Engine front right bracket

1000583859 Compressor intake pipe assembly

612600070405 Oil dipstick fixed bracket

13054190 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

612600900018 Body assembly

DHB06T0151*01 WP6G175E22 diesel engine (discontinued)

1003882741 Water pipe assembly

46510651F timing belt

1000321143 Poly V-belt

1001904996 Exhaust pipe heat shield

13066025 Intercooler assembly

612630060535 sleeve

1001803757 water pump

DHP10Q0031*01 276kW/2200r/min diesel engine (discontinued) WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2030211 Piston pin

1000336587 Drain valve

1001253455 Protective cover end cover

1012700558 Diesel engine basic maintenance package

Z20200057 high pressure oil pipe assembly

610800020054 flywheel

612600130076 Hydraulic pump (disabled)

1003083813 Body assembly

1001133337 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

612600080399 Throttle handle

1000587757 Exhaust bend pipe insulation layer (matching freezing)

1001932924M1 starter

1000775130 clamp

1003697990A Fuel coarse filter element

1005419201 Support screw

2040663 Marine gearbox

1006101796 Ball joint

2230326 Generator

612630110541 Supercharger bracket

612600012192+010 Cylinder block assembly (for spare parts company)

2105110197 Muffler gasket

21842035F Positioning sleeve

1000501652 Fan connection plate

1004552980 Turbocharger

1006128030 One-way valve seat

77711980T sealing ring

2021724/SZ generator bracket

DHN4.1T0041*01 (WP4.1NG175E301) diesel engine for agricultural machinery

1005692098 Lifting ring clamping block

1003394678 Intermediate gear assembly

1008395583 Engine wiring harness

612600110961 bolt

1006200648 crankshaft assembly WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1004505290 Connector

1001063331 Oil pump body assembly

1006034542 Fuel filter assembly

DH4.1T0024*01 (WP4.1G120E310) Diesel engine for agricultural machinery

13031631 High pressure oil pipe assembly

1003812444 Middle exhaust manifold

9000000441 Hexagonal flange bolt

1002406440 Fuel return pipe assembly

DHP06Q0320*01 WP6.245E40 diesel engine (discontinued)

2040972 Flywheel assembly

1003435010 pipe joint WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000418885 SCR catalytic muffler

1004325905 Bracket

2190109 Water tank bracket welding

612600900232M1 body assembly

410800190149 Mixer assembly

2010019 Intake pipe gasket WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000795770 Hexagon socket plug

1001842535 Cylinder head cover assembly

330203000148 Blocking cover

1009007954 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

612600090480 Sensor holder

2040176 clutch housing

DHP12Q2222*01 (WP12.375E50) truck diesel engine

612600060005 water pump pulley assembly

1006377793 Water pipe assembly

612630080038A common rail tube

1000137253 Turbocharger

612630060399 Water pump sub-assembly

1002622528 Gasket

13063214 Throttle flexible shaft bracket

610800070064 Oil cooler assembly

X6231.331W piston

1000524459 Body pre-assembly

1000440290 Exhaust pipe gasket WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

13036292 Oil temperature sensor

610800190280 gas pipe

612600011581 Oil and gas separator assembly

612630060997 Oil line connecting hose

612601080920 Fuel injection pump assembly

1001813860 Flywheel

1008953830 gasket

1000757316 Supercharger gasket

1000948288 Mixed intake pipe

1008604311 Speed controller

2190527 Heat exchanger fresh water inlet pipe gasket

2020269/1 Engine front bracket

1005058392 Exhaust pipe

61561110223C Turbocharger

13030546 Blocking cover WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

330205000299 Fuel injection pump hub

2027958 Air conditioning compressor adjustment mount

W21782112F hollow bolt

610800080464 External spline

1001640092 relay

1000098607 Hexagonal flange bolt

2050312 intermediate gear shaft

612600083216 EGR wiring harness

612600082227 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

DHH10Q0382*01-B (WP10H375E50) truck diesel engine

Z20500030 plug cap WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2102540122 Engine front left bracket

2130282 Oil dipstick guide welding

28322/PJGSL cover

330205000340 board

1001136941 Compressor outlet pipe

28200174/PJGS four packages 4100

2190763 Water pump water pipe (platform frozen)

1007584921 Air compressor return pipe assembly

2103YZ-495-2 fuel injector assembly

2120379/SZ fuel injector return pipe assembly

DHP06K0493*02 WP6NG240E50 natural gas engine (discontinued)

1003955617 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

1005194707 spacer

1000081894 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

612600012859 Oil line connecting hose

1000345001 Oil pump body assembly (platform frozen)

1000127573 Cylinder head cover

610800110027 pipe joint

DHN2.3Q0460*01 (WP2.3NQ130E61) truck diesel engine

DHN2.3Q0167*01-B (WP2.3NQ130E61) truck diesel engine

1001931493 Coolant connecting hose

1000336368 Exhaust elbow heat insulation layer

1001245894 Flywheel housing

612639000085 Hexagonal flange bolt

28078/PJGSL push rod

X6231.541W water pump inlet pipe assembly

612600082249Z Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

612600100076 fan shaft

1002240082Y Heat exchanger (platform frozen)

1002621708 Outlet pipe joint

2230476/SZ generator

X6231.739W water pump bracket

612600012810 Oil and gas separator

1002003623 Fuel primary filter

612600112672 Exhaust manifold

330205000237 Fuel fine filter

612600060351 Poly V-belt

612600061857 Fan clutch wiring harness

13020311 Pad

Z20090029 water pipe bracket

612600014215 Timing gear chamber

610800110680 Intercooler outlet pipe

410800220055 SCR catalytic muffler

1000697121 Bracket

612600111819 Gas line connecting hose

DHP10Q0665*01 (WP10.290E32) truck diesel engine

1000068769 Pipe joint

2120137 Filter return pipe assembly

DHN4.6Q0229*01-B (WP4.6NQ220E61A) truck diesel engine

13030949 retaining ring

1000538017 Body assembly

2027082/1 Air conditioning compressor bracket

1002688428 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe

DHN03Q0116*01-B (WP3NQ160E61) truck diesel engine

612600111600 Compressor intake pipe assembly

1006261325 oil pump

28737/PJGSL supercharger exhaust elbow

612600114219 Compressor intake pipe assembly

90011520010 double headed stud

612630080233 Parking solenoid

13053248 Connecting rod assembly

DHP12Q2055*01 WP12.460E40 diesel engine

2102130203 hydraulic pump WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2190230 Water pump clutch assembly

612600191733 Three-way return pipe

1003661189Z heat exchanger

1006450139 EGR valve repair kit (freeze included)

9000000331 Hexagonal flange bolt

610800010168 Oil dipstick

DHN4.6K0010*01 (WP4.6NQ220E50) Passenger car diesel engine

1000755580 connecting rod lower tile

612700110103 expansion tube

2014836 EGR cooler return pipe assembly

13060716 Coolant connecting hose

13070764 Stud

612601080739 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

2263250/SZ1 supercharger oil return pipe welding

15041460N flange

612600900070 Body assembly

612600130255 Blocking cover

90003862466 Hexagon socket head screw

612630030061 Air compressor intake pipe

612600070449 Gasket WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

612600030082 Twisted cone ring

1004269276 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

1001159046 protective cover

90003802523 Hexagon head bolt

2027685/SZ/PJGS body

612600113364 bolt

1000577516 Fuel injection pump assembly WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2105130173 Air compressor lubricating oil pipe assembly (matched for freezing)

612630020204 flywheel

1006526953 Turbocharger

1000580045 Pipe clamp assembly

612639000013 Cylindrical pin

610800110017 Gas line connecting hose

Z20310016 Wiring harness bracket

1001075010 signal plate

612640010095 Oil and gas separator

612600010072 Engine rear left bracket WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1005620687 SCR catalytic muffler

2102710120A Engine wiring harness

1003654096 Three-way catalytic converter

1002304057 ECU bracket

DH3.2G0104*01 WP3.2G55E316 diesel engine for engineering machinery

1000941649 Poly V-belt

1004498963 Gas line connecting hose

1000096569 Thermostat assembly WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

DHP13Q1905*01-B WP13.480E501 diesel engine

612600140203Z heat exchanger

1000409094 Oil pan gasket

1001670477 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

13020922 Piston

1002845846 Oil dipstick tube upper assembly

1001952763 Pre-supply pump oil inlet pipe

1002553758 starter

1004515954 Water pump return pipe assembly

612601080918 Fuel injection pump assembly

612600012599 tube

2027803 intermediate gear

2220153/SZ EGR cooler

612600140308 heat exchanger

612600011102 Oil pipe

410800110071 Supercharger heat shield

1002927558 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe

612600030006 piston

1001113154 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

1005370871 Oil seal

612600062397 Pipe joint

2120507 Filter oil pipe assembly

13068051 Air compressor water inlet pipe

13023207 Air filter element

2021689/SZ front bracket welding (left)

1005797146 Air compressor intake pipe

1002050761 Generator

1006273450 Bracket

612600114774 Gas line connecting hose

1001013147 Front exhaust manifold

1009480039 engine bracket WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1003353063 Fan pulley

61500030065 connecting rod bushing

1004249594 Poly V-belt

1001217099 Filter assembly

13070133 Tension block

61500020004 Fan connection plate

1001376414 Coarse filter-ECU fuel pipe assembly

1002970833 Pipe clamp assembly

1001080634 Tension pulley (matched for freezing)

1008759840 Oil filter

90013050176 Hexagon socket head screw

1004108994 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

331005000608 Fuel return pipe assembly

610800080873 Pipe clamp assembly

612600060389M1 water pump assembly

610800540078 Air conditioning compressor bracket (invalid)

2102060122A Fan assembly

612600013358 Thrust plate assembly

DHN2.3Q0182*01 WP2.3NQ130E61 truck diesel engine

DHN4.1T0042*01-B (WP4.1NG160E300) diesel engine for agricultural machinery

410800040018 cylinder head cover

1007117499 SCR

2102080151 Fuel filter bracket

2067781/SZ1 exhaust gas circulation pipe

1003669590 Multi-ribbed belt

28532/PJGSL Connecting rod copper sleeve ZLQ

1000374700 exhaust manifold

2027997 Front bracket welding (left)

1003704202 Engine rear left bracket

2010477 Injector pressure plate

612630140047 Coolant connection hose

13033266 Blocking cover

612600130508 Air compressor intake pipe

1001867785 Engine front bracket

2105110195A Turbocharger WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

DHP13Q2666*01-B WP13.480E62 truck diesel engine

DHP03K0103*01 WP3Q130E50 Passenger Car Diesel Engine (Special Purpose Vehicle)

13069952 Flywheel

13020927 Fuel inlet pipe WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000927213 Windshield bracket

2027948/1 Wire harness fixing bracket

1006083376 Fuel fine filter element

1005621323 DPF assembly

1005771908 SCR

1001369263 Hexagonal flange bolt

1001550616 Clutch driven plate assembly

DHD10G0565*01 (WD10G240E21) diesel engine for construction machinery

1004347918 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

1001245046 Intercooler pipe

DHP13Q1542*01-B WP13NG460E61 gas machine

612600191565 ECU wiring harness

1006313421 Gas line connecting hose

610800020113 crankshaft pulley

DHD10G0310*02 (WD10G220E21) diesel engine for construction machinery

612601111099 Turbocharger

1007007618 Compressor intake pipe

100295 Anti-epidemic Disinfection Kit C

DHP04Q0069*02 WP4.165E50 truck diesel engine

13066093 Intercooler pipe

13068432 Fan spacer

DHP06T0542*01 (WP6G150E310A) diesel engine for agricultural machinery WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

13050332 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

1004743945 Oil pan assembly

1000345059 Engine wiring harness

1007857905 triangle belt

612600012421 Engine front right bracket

1008329001 Oil and gas separator

1001103411 Fuel filter assembly

61568C120001 Intercooler end cover

1000132990 Intake pipe cover

612630140151 heat exchanger

1001241562 Air filter bracket

1000703805 Exhaust pipe assembly

Z20260039 water pipe

Z20380047 Engine front right bracket (matched for freezing)

13024455M1 air inlet blocking cover

13020418 Connecting screw plug

2085080119 Diesel filter

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