1004062124 Air compressor intake pipe

1002742088 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

2100553 Fuel injection pump assembly

612640130673 SCR box assembly

1000953713 Turbocharger

612600082645 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

A55-009 WP3.9CD33E1 diesel engine for power generation

1001248597 Front end cover

2085090115 generator

1001824329 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

X6231.164W fuel injection pump bracket

1013259122 Diesel engine extended warranty maintenance package

1001853536 Fuel oil receiving pan

1004325868 Fuel return pipe assembly

610800080283 pipe clamp

1001133694 Dust exhaust valve

1000050906 Outlet pipe assembly

1002105708 Bracket

612600115632 Supercharger insulation layer

1002973222 Flywheel assembly

612600082775 Fuel Water Cold Treasure

DHP06K0142*01 WP6NG240E40 natural gas engine (discontinued)

90011430076 Hexagonal flange face-toothed bolts

13062475 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

1002493737Z heat exchanger

1000650934 Compressor outlet pipe

1000532885 Generator bracket

13032941 Oil cooler water inlet pipe

612601080766 Fuel injection pump assembly

612600540239 Engine front left bracket

Z20050022 Spiral spring oil ring

2085060109A water pump assembly

2230340/1 Glow plug connection combination

1001341974 Water pump (matched for freezing)

2030486 Piston

13070778 Bracket

610800110157 Vehicle model identification plate

13074275 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

90013550037 Hexagon socket head screw

DH2.3T0022*01 (WP2.3G75E310) diesel engine for agricultural machinery

1001595690 Turbocharger

1000433946 Engine wiring harness (platform frozen)

1001236189 Air compressor exhaust joint

1000265664 Body assembly

1002151550 Combination sealing gasket

13068071 Rear power take-off sub-assembly (matched and frozen)

1000115443 Intake pipe assembly

Z30300003 Hexagon socket head screw

C51-024 WP2.1D18E2 diesel engine

DHP06Q0140*01 WP6.240E32 diesel engine

13023308 Air filter bracket

1001891958 Main bearing upper shoe

1002677318 Coolant connecting hose

1002790203 Flywheel assembly

1006441599 Bracket

13058267 Pipe joint

12160359 flange

2021619/SZ front bracket welding (right)

2022247/SZ air compressor

1000909664 flange

331005001316 Fuel return pipe assembly

13026823+001 Body sub-assembly

13072668 Fixed bracket

812700050019 Thrust piece

2085090122 Generator

1001051407 Fuel return pipe assembly

2120727/SZ high pressure oil pipe assembly

612600190987 High voltage line assembly

612600090225 Generator (disabled)

1004317460 DPF assembly

2028586/SZ front bracket welding (left)

DH615K0138*01 (WD615.30) Passenger car diesel engine

13022538 Engine front left bracket

612600082981 High pressure oil pipe drain pipe

1001995251 O-shaped rubber seal

1003691560 Wind protection belt assembly

DHP07N0077*01-B (WP7.340E53) truck diesel engine (matching frozen)

2062883 Air filter assembly

1000562811 Fuel injection pump assembly

612600130610 Gas line connecting hose

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

DHH10Q0210*01 (WP10H375E50) truck diesel engine

2050346 Cover

2190231/1 Automatic tensioning wheel

1000570587 Soundproof cover

2063086 Turbocharger

Z33001530 coolant sensor

1000120413 Air intake pipe

1000179953 Bowl-shaped plug

2022217/SZ1 Breather oil return pipe

612640130252 Nitrogen oxygen sensor

615Q0170024 hollow bolt

1004246191 cylinder head gasket

1001757683 Hexagon socket plug

612600012720 Camshaft gear cover

1002139629 Bracket

612630080735 Blind blocking

90003930251 Small washer

612600061058 engine bracket

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1002553179 Air compressor return pipe

331008000011 air filter

1004251479 Speed controller

1010163326 Fan pulley

1005515342 Exhaust pipe heat shield

612640110184 Middle exhaust manifold

13024595+001 Body components

612630061122 board

1001063435 Combination sealing gasket

612600062388 Pipe joint assembly

610800111158 Intake pipe bolt

DHP06Q0407*01-B (WP6.220E50) truck diesel engine

28300036/PJGS generator bracket

1001632027 bracket

1000739548 DPM oil inlet pipe

2063013/SZ supercharger exhaust rubber pipe

612600040090 Outlet pipe joint

612600900232 Body assembly

1006293907 Pipe clamp assembly

90011520006 Stud

1000369515 Electromagnetic actuator

610800130014 hydraulic pump

DHD10G0207*01 WD10G220E24 diesel engine (discontinued)

90015050030 Cylindrical pin

28201596/PJGS solenoid valve

DHH09K0018*01 (WP9H336E50) Passenger car diesel engine

610800111164 Turbocharger

614070068 Oil pump safety valve spring

610800060106 water pump (invalid)

2020175 Oil inlet screw

1000422296 SCR catalytic muffler (platform frozen)

1001130471 Tappet

610800190483 spark plug

612600113491Y Turbocharger

13065844 Muffler bracket

LD0009630813 O-shaped rubber seal

612600114939 exhaust pipe

1000402861 water pump

2010302 Injector pressure plate bolt

1000081892 Positioning sleeve

13051122 Bracket (discontinued)

DH2.1Q0052*01-B WP2.1Q82E50 truck diesel engine (matching frozen)

1008067418 Flywheel assembly

1000955647 Electric oil transfer pump assembly

1001444411 Flywheel housing

DHP06K0047 177kW/2300r/min natural gas engine (LNG) (discontinued)

410800130048 Air compressor water inlet pipe

612600112375 Compressor intake pipe assembly

331003000339 pipe joint

1002577664 Engine wiring harness

DHP12Q1056*01 (WP12.460E40) truck diesel engine

1000538293 Body assembly (platform frozen)

9000000819 Hexagonal flange bolt

DHP12Q3211*01-B (WP12.430E50) truck diesel engine (matching frozen)

DHP07K1027*01 (WP7NG270E51) gas machine (supporting freezing)

2041038/SZ crankshaft pulley

1005629985 Common rail fuel injection pump assembly

1003389858 Water jacket exhaust pipe

DHH10Q0500*01-B (WP10.5H430E50) truck diesel engine

2062951 intake pipe

2040507 crankshaft pulley

1012599924 Flow measurement unit

1002813941 card board

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

DHP10Q1901*01 WP10.340E32 diesel engine (discontinued)

612640110235 EGR cooler bracket

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

410800020095 Flywheel assembly

X6260.219 oil control body

612630110319 air filter element

1000095815 oil filter

612630061081 Bracket

1003716110 DPF assembly

1001548912 Body assembly

612600130043A air compressor

1004347892 Integrated DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

13070414 Flywheel assembly

DHP13Q1204*01-B WP13NG400E61 gas machine

1001250649 Intermediate gear cover

612600111410 Intake take-up

1001877712 Air intake pipe

2027963/SZ power steering pump

DHB06G0101 (WP6G125E22) diesel engine for engineering machinery

1008630760 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

612600040481 Outlet pipe

2020363 Front bracket welding

1005626449 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe assembly

1000909349 Bracket

1005151179 Supercharger heat shield assembly

612600120166 Intercooler intake pipe

13057039 Combination sealing gasket

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

DHH10.5Q0011*01-B WP10.5H460E50 diesel engine

15102361K Intercooler intake pipe

1002035633 Engine wiring harness

13059979 Supercharger water inlet pipe assembly

610800110926 Supercharger heat shield

DHL10G0047*01 (WP10G220E343) diesel engine for construction machinery (matching frozen)

612600131078 Air compressor intake pipe

1010109275 Filter assembly

2085030109 piston ring assembly

1001957414 Pipe joint

9000001183 Hexagon head bolt fully threaded

612600111699 Intercooler intake pipe assembly

13058206 Cylinder head sub-assembly

1001937322Z Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

1000419238 Fuel filter assembly

612600020939 crankshaft assembly

1000186859 Air compressor

1005936089 Engine rear bracket

1000579301 Clutch cover assembly

610800070067 Fuel injection pump lubricating oil inlet pipe

1002059513 Pipe clamp assembly

1004662614 Coolant connecting hose

1008184787 Centrifugal oil filter

330305001302 Fuel filter body assembly

12160535 Thrust plate assembly

1006635564 Poly V-belt

612600040385 Bracket

1007059711 Water pipe joint

612600080418 Electronic control unit bracket

DH428K0046*01 (RA428Q150E50) Passenger car diesel engine

1004045051 Bracket

612630030352 Flywheel housing (discontinued)

13073100 Oil cooler return pipe

2105050107 exhaust valve

1006029137 EGR valve water inlet pipe assembly

1001315881 Gasket

90013050042 Hexagon socket head screw

2130445/SZ Oil dipstick guide welding

1007796565 Fuel return pipe assembly

DHD10G0504*01 WD10G220E23 diesel engine (discontinued)

2220166/SZ EGR cooler

DHL10Q0948*01-B WP10.350E53 truck diesel engine (matching frozen)

1003384452 Exhaust pipe heat shield

DHP12Q2232*01 (WP12.375E50) truck diesel engine

DHP06T0540*01 (WP6G210E330) diesel engine for agricultural machinery

330305001312 support rod

13074001 Engine wiring harness assembly

1010266308 Engine wiring harness

1008450950 Engine wiring harness

13032367M1 Fan connection plate

612630061035 water pump

1001187890 Flywheel housing

1002615118 Poly V-belt

612600190929 Intake take-up

DHP03K0167*01 (WP3Q130E50) Passenger car diesel engine

DHL10K0219*01 (WP10.336E53) Passenger car diesel engine

1001068323 Heater connector

612630060346 engine bracket

331001000114 Gas line connecting hose

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2027677 Pump cover gasket

13071493 Water pump inlet pipe assembly

1005249445 Oil dipstick assembly

612600020618M1 crankshaft

1002215398 Fuel injection pump assembly

612600080681 Parking solenoid

1002163067 water pipe

1001806878 Water pipe joint

612600130653 Air compressor intake pipe

1002404114 Engine wiring harness

2090040128A Respirator ventilation hose bracket

Z20090025 bracket

1000804124 water pump

DH3.7K0002-B (WP3.7Q113E50) passenger car diesel engine (supporting frozen)

612600010552 Gas line connecting hose

2040117 crankshaft gear

612600130336 Air compressor return pipe assembly

1000035632 Rubber cover

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2108080105 Fuel injection pump assembly

X6123.089 connecting pipe

1006873960 Water pipe assembly

1003393243 Bracket

1008577359 Post-processing transition harness

1000114976 Gasket

1008756370 Oil pump

612600111991 exhaust manifold

90003800495 Hexagon head bolt

610800010017 Main bearing upper shoe

1000872645 Flywheel assembly

1000059026 Shock absorbing pad

612640130705 gasket

1000945199 exhaust valve

612639000030 bowl plug

612600010305M1 flywheel housing

2063002/SZ intake pipe

1008609954 Support block

1001622367 Parking solenoid valve bracket

13583540S valve bridge assembly

1000971884 SCR catalytic muffler

13026591 Intake pipe

2BYZX-D12X32 cylindrical pin

612630080253Z Speed controller

612600021058 Hexagonal flange bolt

GRP100090140 flame preheating device

100021 Hiking shoes

1001987582 O-shaped rubber seal

1004979407 water pump pulley

B40-040 (YZ4DB1-40) Passenger car diesel engine

DHP06T0060 (WP6G160E330) diesel engine for agricultural machinery (matching frozen)

1005416480 Gasket

1001786118 water pump

12166173 Gasket

1000817047 Flywheel assembly

610800130111 Hydraulic pump

1000101914 water pump pulley

13055336 intake pipe

DHP12Q1040*01 (WP12G460E310) diesel engine

1001803443 Timing gear room

28200359/PJGS body 4105QF

2160241 Oil pipe welding

1011570589 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

13068236 Oil dipstick assembly

13024390 Retaining ring for shaft

2260283 Oil line connecting hose

1000721018 Fixed bracket

1005907708 Bracket

612600114086 Air filter bracket

1000645875 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

612640160080 Outlet pipe

612600091033 Temperature sensor

1003202741 Air compressor return pipe

612600180263Y Machine side control instrument

1008271702 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

1004487503 Water pipe joint

610800040111 cover

612600191341 Intake take-up

1004305733 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

2230319 Generator

612700120032 Intercooler intake pipe

1001853464 Exhaust pipe heat shield

2102090106 Generator

2102540152 Wiring harness bracket

1001541484 Flywheel assembly

DHP04D0047*01 WP4D100E200 diesel engine (matching frozen)

1000336393 Rubber pipe clamp

612630120340 Intercooler

1002025750 Intercooler gasket

1000602767 muffler

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1002256671 Compressor intake pipe assembly

14400393B Pipe clamp assembly

61800030041 Connecting rod assembly

1001015428 Common rail pipe bracket

13062099 Turbocharger

330205000298 Fuel injection pump hub

13027020 Supercharger oil return pipe

1003202708 Integrated DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

1007872098 Engine wiring harness

612630060953 Idler pulley

13033170 Seawater pump

1000645500 High pressure oil pipe assembly

1002029735 Oil line connecting hose

612600115327 Compressor intake pipe

1000317913M1 body assembly

1001851726 Fuel filter bracket

1000330920 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

DHL10Q0458*01 WP10.350E53 diesel engine (discontinued)

1004365600 starter

90017510044 O-shaped rubber seal

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

DHP15Q0086*01-B WP15NG530E61 gas machine

612600191295 Phase sensor

1000770438 Intake pipe gasket

612600114043 Fixed bracket

610800010406 Flywheel housing

612600012133+010 Cylinder block assembly (for spare parts company)

1004415400 Oil line connecting hose

1001351451 Coolant connection hose (platform frozen)

13024366 Throttle flexible shaft bracket

15012022Q oil pan

330201000197 gasket

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

DHP06T0382*01 (WP6G185E330) Diesel engine for agricultural machinery (matching frozen)

Z107179 connecting rod bearing

1005004910 DOC

612600080584 5th cylinder high pressure oil pipe assembly

1006569482 Support block

1005177934 Compressor outlet pipe assembly

612600091011 sealing plug

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1003012580 Support block

612600116466 protective cover

15033900W water pipe

1005976403 Upper thrust piece

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1002635408 Special engine maintenance tools

2190757/SZ circulating hose

1003386853 Gasket

1002163125 Main bearing lower shoe

1000915590 Exhaust tail pipe heat insulation layer

13023458 Throttle cable bracket

1007181587 Urea return pipe

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

DH3.2T0199*01-B WP3.2G72E440 diesel engine for agricultural machinery

610800060658 Fan connection plate

612600114792 EGR cooler bracket

1001035885 Exhaust pipe

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