1001132016 Windshield Bracket

DHP12N0354*01 WP12G460E310 diesel engine

2090700105A Air conditioning bracket spacer

1002454525 Pipe joint

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000915774 Air filter bracket

612600090858 Tightening bolt bracket

13032477 Turbocharger

1004562747 expansion joint

90014570009 Retaining ring for hole

28916/PJGSL 4100 cylinder head

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1003877704 Spin-on oil filter

DHL10Q0125*02 WP10.350E53 diesel engine (discontinued)

1004375199 Bracket

1011200153 Electronically controlled fuel injection pump assembly

99100570065 return spring

612600116337M1 EGR valve

1008036485 Intake valve stem sealing sleeve

AZ1560080017 fuel inlet pipe

612650060013 hose

612600113468Y Turbocharger

13024430 Engine front right bracket

1007515339 Air pipe assembly

1001762093 Connecting rod upper tile

1001997174 generator

1005336615 clamp

1006080711 Air compressor return pipe assembly

330203000002 pad

1000310365 Fuel filter bracket

1005559174 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

DH615Q1675*01 (WD615.71) truck diesel engine

2021191/3 Drain valve

13024351 Gas line connecting hose

614020009 Flywheel ring gear

1000938067M1 Exhaust pipe bracket

1003908862 Fan bracket assembly

612600090403 Generator bracket

1010279702 Fuel injector wiring harness

410800190186 gas pipe

1000257204 Flywheel

1001902748 Air compressor return pipe assembly

1000729049 Fuel fine filter

1007735600 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

13033301 Coolant connecting hose

1000069480 Wastegate valve intake pipe

1004065755 Bracket

612640130573 SCR box assembly

2021461 Rear oil seal cover assembly

DHP07K1027*01-B (WP7NG270E51) gas machine (supporting freezing)

1005471376 Hexagon head screw plug

2170107 Oil filter seat gasket

1001561016 Pipe clamp assembly

1000264933 Wiring harness bracket

1011798236 Engine turning device

1001643569 Generator bracket

1002439356 Cylinder head cover assembly

DHP06Q0410*01-B WP6.245E50 diesel engine for engineering machinery

13031674 Pipe joint

1000288056 Hexagonal flange bolt

1006452915 sleeve

2190560/SZ water pump assembly

1000081846 Pipe joint

1000506229 Turbocharger

610800110642 Intake take-up

610800090069 engine wiring harness

1413A.21.11+ Parking rocker arm (1413A.21.13) (until it is used up)

612650030001 piston

1001707911 Fuel return pipe assembly

1002026520 Gas pipe

1001106432 oil filter

DHP06T0902*01-B WP6G220E330 Diesel engine for agricultural machinery

2120250 Fuel return pipe assembly

611600110202 Turbocharger

1007758999 Turbocharger

1003151892 Wire Harness No.1

9000000931 Cylindrical pin

612600011688 Flywheel housing

612600062412 Built-in thermostat

612600013622 Flywheel housing

90012390003 Hexagonal lock nut

DH615Q2019*01 (WD615.71) Truck Diesel Engine

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

612600040015 Outlet pipe

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2105710106 Temperature sensor

1000726453 Bracket

1004504489 cover

13060804 Radiator

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

B-DHP10Q1214*11 WP10NG336E40 natural gas engine (discontinued)

612600081830 tube

1001771627M1 Fuel Water Cold Treasure

DHD10G0318R*01 (WD10G220E23) diesel engine for engineering machinery

1001009973 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

15035371V pipe joint

1001058178 Air filter bracket

1005336132 Body assembly

13060568Z Turbocharger

1001485812 Air compressor gear

DHL10N0086*01 WP10.310E53 diesel engine

1005962072 Wiring harness bracket

90003813537 double headed stud

1000836601 Flywheel assembly (matched and frozen)

1000943174 Speed controller

DHB06T0138 WP6G175E22 diesel engine (discontinued)

15040220Q Fuel injection pump lubricating oil inlet pipe

2050316/SZ idler gear pressure plate

1007026218 Engine wiring harness

1001378461 Hexagon head bolt

2220010 Speed sensor bracket

13060611Z Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

1002418497 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe

2030586 Connecting rod tile

DHP10N0239*01 WP10.375 diesel engine (discontinued)

1004766025 Bracket

1001007990 Temperature sensor

1007686319 Fixed bracket

1001614840M1 body assembly

1000766904 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

1000316911 Flywheel

2085130103 Power steering pump

13022467 Booster takeover

41750913F Stud

2220008/SZ water temperature sensor adapter

13065739 Turbocharger

1005618028 Exhaust tailpipe heat insulation layer (supporting freezing)

612600112284 Bracket

1002653313 Tightening bolt bracket

9000000135 Hexagonal flange bolt

1004241163 vacuum tube

612600113848 Supercharger oil inlet pipe

612600170025-1 water pump

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

13054160 Fuel injection pump assembly

1001413271 Fuel return pipe assembly (complete with frozen)

331005000370 Fuel pipe assembly

DHP06Q0227*01 WP6.180E40 diesel engine

1001798558 Urea tank sensor

1012357009 Diesel engine routine maintenance package

1005408994 Support block

1000183437 Upper thrust piece

1001438825 Pipe clamp assembly

1003303942 Connecting rod upper tile

DH4.1K0144*01 (WP4.1Q140E50) Passenger car diesel engine

1000480282 Pre-supply pump oil outlet pipe

1004564179 Rubber shock absorber

1006904187 Connection plate

2102080189 Fuel injector

610800081178 Engine wiring harness

1001590419 Flywheel housing

612600113720 intake pipe

DHB06G0121*01 (WP6G125E22) diesel engine for engineering machinery

9000000090 Hose clamp

612600060856 Water pump pulley assembly

1003566909 water pump

28200105/PJGS 4105ZLQ four sets

612600083571 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

1005873331 Poly V-belt

77718910B valve core

1000797302+100 Body pre-assembly

612600116525 board

612600191869 ECU wiring harness

612600061454M1 fan

2020173 Drain valve connector

612600111413 Intercooling pipe (discontinued)

612630060991 water pump

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1000836820/PJGS body

DH2.3Q0214-200*01-B WP2.3Q140E62 truck diesel engine

610800540031 Engine front right bracket

612600140036 Flexible shaft bracket

1002771589 Compressor intake pipe assembly

1002153580 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

612600090630A generator

X6260.813-3 FLANGE 3

612600080707 High pressure oil pipe set

1000557811 Supercharger insulation layer

13057281 Poly V-belt

1000084432 engine bracket

1003955809 Nitrogen and oxygen sensor protection bracket

13069022 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

2105080104A Oil pump bracket

1000069422 Exhaust pipe

612630120106 Square head set screw

DH425K0017*01-B (RA425Q136E50) Passenger car diesel engine

612639000101 Hexagon head bolt

1000135561 Support block

1001878705 water pump

1001743583 Oil dipstick assembly

DHP06G0314*01 (WP6G190E330) Diesel engine for construction machinery (matching frozen)

13058879 Intake pipe

28554/PJGSL 4110 piston pin

13038520 Front suspension cushion

612600113469Z Turbocharger

1005795129 Turbocharger

W615010902 gasket

1001777256 Wastegate valve intake pipe

612600115573 Supercharger oil inlet pipe gasket

13024670 Connector

14210350H Hexagon head screw plug

612630110597 Turbocharger

1002642912 Body assembly (platform frozen)

2030364 Piston pin

DH3.7Q0113-B WP3.7Q130E401 CB18 pump truck diesel engine (discontinued)

1002238768 heat exchanger

1001008658 Fuel primary filter

2BLZ-AM8X70 double-headed stud

1002893894 Hexagon socket head screw

1002870314 Fuel injection pump lubricating oil inlet pipe assembly

612640110138 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly

DH425K0016*01 RA425Q163E50 Passenger car diesel engine

1000983638 Coolant connecting hose

612600150281 Oil pan assembly

1006123214 Aftertreatment mounting bracket assembly

2062946/1 Fixed bracket welding

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1001249908 fuel filter

DHP13G0069*01-B WP13G480E310 diesel engine

1004998169 SCR catalytic muffler

1003591673 EGR exhaust pipe

1002320708 Pipe clamp

DHH07Q0073*01-B WP7H270E62 truck diesel engine

1004032610 Compressor intake pipe assembly

1001595436 Fuel inlet pipe assembly

61560060022A water pipe joint

61560080219 Connection pad gasket

1002070470 Fuel pump-fine filter fuel pipe assembly

2067876/SZ gasket

1006466611 crankshaft assembly

DHP06D0098R*91 (WP6D120E200NG) gas machine

1006040308 Cylinder head sub-assembly

DHH10.5Q0218*01-B WP10.5H430E50 Diesel engine for construction machinery (matching frozen)

612600112179 Intercooler intake pipe assembly

1007873205 Integrated DOC_DPF_SCR assembly

612600080071 Fuel inlet pipe

1005548716M1 Oil and gas separator

1012271231 Flywheel assembly

612600080368 High pressure oil pipe assembly

1010442795 water pump

1000639832 Coolant connecting hose

DHP17G0033*01-B WP17G770E302 diesel engine

1001561510 Outlet pipe joint

13053567 muffler bracket

1004413852 Fuel return pipe assembly

13057308 Positioning sleeve

13025931 pointer

2085020115 crankshaft timing gear

1003019987 Supercharger oil inlet pipe

611600050095 Exhaust rocker arm assembly

DHP13Q0608*01 (WP13.550E501) truck diesel engine (matching frozen)

612600114002 intake pipe

1003272012 flange

1002505277 Engine hanging plate

Z33002093 starter

612600062068 Tension wheel bracket

1013285282 Cylinder head cover assembly

2022231/SZ rear bracket welding

331010000376 Supercharger bracket

612640080038 Fuel primary filter

1002138770 Water pipe joint

1005112313 Fuel injector

13033632 Crankshaft timing gear

2014350/1/PJGS Cylinder head mechanical assembly

1001301965 Vehicle wiring harness

Z20030056 hollow bolt

612601080507 Fuel injection pump assembly

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2130106 Oil drain plug

1000317408 Turbocharger

1000305296 board

1000094739 Oil dipstick assembly

1002501074 Pipe clamp

612600113863 air filter

2014786 Respirator ventilation hose

610800080696 Fuel pump-fine filter fuel pipe assembly

612600010494 Front right bracket

1000428092S Hexagonal flange bolt

612630080373 Water cup assembly

612630010155 Oil pan assembly

2010934 intake valve

1000199966 Turbocharger

1004653877 Poly V-belt

1001298819 Oil line connecting hose

1001725118 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly

1005408606 Oil and gas separator air inlet pipe

612700080004Z Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

1003376492 Generator bracket

1012410021 Diesel engine basic maintenance package

1000135822 Poly V-belt

2105090112A Generator bracket

13070016 Exhaust pipe assembly

1002060414 Turbocharger

28200130/PJGS 814 tank

15051361A Fuel injection pump hub

1002553217 Bleed pipe assembly

1000434153 Water pipe bracket

1007187279 Camshaft assembly

1001134148 Exhaust pipe heat shield assembly

612600040384 Engine hanging plate

1001709273 crankshaft pulley

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1007418973 Air compressor cover

1000992681 Pipe clamp assembly

13026204 intake pipe

1002336488 Expansion tube

DHP12Q0871*01 WP12.430E40 diesel engine (discontinued)

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1001063473 Speed controller

1005872092 Poly V-belt

1000144311 muffler

DHP05K0035*01 WP5.180E40 diesel engine (discontinued)

1000972254 starter

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

DHP13Q1877*01-B WP13NG430E61 gas machine

Z20230170 Supercharger oil inlet pipe

2250264 Flameout wire drawing joint assembly

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1002000483 Fuel injector fastening bolt

13024420 Fuel injection pump assembly

1002253704 cylinder head cover

2063332/SZ8 muffler assembly

1001580595 Fan cover assembly

612600050210 push rod

612600111769 tube

331001000466 Oil and gas separator return pipe

2063021/SZ EGR intake end connecting pipe

13073524 Bracket

1002915237 Oil filter cover

2190292 water pump pulley

330209000081 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly

612600110216 Intake elbow

612600060876 Thermostat

2190252/2 water pump

DHH10K0010*01 (WP10H375E62) Passenger car diesel engine

1007511582 Differential pressure connecting pipe

1002146296 water pump

1003708000 Oil and gas separator intake pipe assembly

1002457198 Bracket

13616660S Cover

13030647 Machine side control instrument

612600112162 tube

610800060024 triangle belt

331001000390 Hexagonal flange bolt

612600116427 support block

611600060006 water pump

1001813837 piston

1000083142 tube

610800080051 Fuel inlet pipe

2020021 Respirator base gasket

612601080788 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly

2102080148 Fuel injector

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

330203000013 triangle belt

1000026396 Exhaust pipe

1001362236A Fuel coarse filter element (matched for freezing)

2BLM-M10/bxg hexagonal stainless steel nut

2100305 Fuel injection pump assembly

2021808/SZ generator bracket

2090060105 Fan spacer

612601111051 Turbocharger

1009294454 Upper thrust piece

1003581677 fan

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

2120695 Fuel pump inlet pipe joint

DHL10Q0948*01 WP10.350E53 truck diesel engine (matching frozen)

13050410 Parking solenoid valve bracket

1002220543 Water pipe joint

90013550007 Hexagon socket head screw

612630140020 Pipe joint

13038995 Oil pan

1000322406 Intercooling pipe assembly

612630080522 Preheating system wire harness

1002280482 Supercharger heat shield

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1004196830 EGR cooler water outlet pipe assembly

DHP06T0792*01-B WP6G200E330 Diesel engine for agricultural machinery

612600113365 air filter bracket

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1002398511 Exhaust brake butterfly valve heat shield assembly

612600111586 Compressor intake pipe assembly

1000561658 generator

DHP13Q0071*01 WP13.500E501 diesel engine (discontinued)

612600050165 Camshaft timing gear

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1010557284 Differential pressure connecting pipe

612600020557 crankshaft pulley

1003158749 Fuel system repair kit

612600114928 Gas line connecting hose

612700090006 Fuel injector

1001841180 protective cover

1005910031 gas pipe

1002961825 Hexagon head screw plug

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

1007286701 Body assembly

1002371268 Intake take-up

615T1110038 Exhaust gas turbocharger

email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019

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