1000083570 Rear exhaust manifold
1005155128 water pump
331025000109 Tensioner bracket
email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
1001554740 Windshield bracket
1000112963 Fuel injection pump assembly
612640160067 Water pipe joint (matched for freezing)
1006481265 Water pipe assembly
JCL10G000301 (WP10G220E341) diesel engine for engineering machinery 1002494769 Fuel pump-fine filter fuel pipe assembly 2120336/SZ fuel injector return pipe assembly 1002882881 Generator 13057602 water pipe email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019 612600012565 Flywheel housing 612600040404 support block 2102730110 EGR cooler 13032436 Fuel injection pump assembly DHP07Q063201 WP7.300E51 diesel engine (matching frozen)
1000617587 Electronic control unit
610800060384 fan
2230255/SZ solenoid reversing valve assembly
LD28282000004 series product
612600130618A Air compressor assembly
1004539756 Exhaust tail pipe heat insulation layer
2120172 Fuel return pipe assembly
1004212191 Generator bracket
612600083128 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
15070120Q Washer
DHP13Q168301-B WP13NG460E61 gas machine 1002150405 Oil seal repair kit DHB06G013101 (WP6G125E22) diesel engine for engineering machinery
DHN2.3Q021901-B (WP2.3NQ130E61) truck diesel engine DHP12Q305601-B (WP12.400E50) truck diesel engine
612600083287Z Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
W20390016A Valve spring upper seat
611600010047 Camshaft bushing
2014183 Cylinder head front cover assembly
DHP07N004301 (WP7.300E51) truck diesel engine (delisted) 331010000261 Supercharger exhaust pipe assembly 1000345317 Coarse filter-fuel transfer pump fuel pipe assembly 1002363351 Air compressor exhaust connector 1003373152 Flywheel assembly DHP12Q075602 (WP12NG380E51) gas machine
100002 gloves
1002460597 Vacuum pump oil inlet pipe assembly
1002660918 EGR cooler water inlet pipe
2021643 Generator protective cover
1001926518 O-shaped rubber seal
1002534812 Intercooler end cover
13050383 Ignition wire harness
612640060053 Fixed bracket
28000012/PJGS intake valve seat
1000618374 Screw seat
1000415832+001 Body sub-assembly
2B090003 Automobile V-belt
1006155677 Oil and gas separator intake pipe
email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
1004483675 push rod
2010210 rocker arm
1000475966 Connector
2027092/SZ power steering pump
90003802493 Hexagon head bolt
1003489478 Voltage regulator assembly
1001276418 Body assembly
X6260.575 Pre-supply pump oil inlet pipe
DHP10N023601 (WP10.290) truck diesel engine 1010041205 Flywheel assembly 1005688129 Turbocharger B41-012 YZ4DB2-40(discontinued) 15551630W-H high pressure oil pipe drain pipe 2JFZ232C generator DHD12Q024501 WD12.375 diesel engine (invalid)
1003957192 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
2030695/SZ connecting rod bearing
1004442409 Exhaust pipe sealing ring
1000331653 Turbocharger
1002462676 Poly V-belt
1002743646 O-shaped rubber seal
612600012187+010 Cylinder block assembly (for spare parts company)
B03-869 (YZ4105QF) truck diesel engine
email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
1003385163 water pump
DHP10K005001 247kW/1900r/min diesel engine 610800080073M1 remanufactured injector 20522086F Thrust main bearing cap 90003888452 Hexagonal nut 612600116761 Front exhaust manifold 2020725 Air compressor oil return pipe combination email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019 612600116974 stud 1000447499 Fuel fine filter 1004036446 SCR box assembly Z20230023 Supercharger oil inlet pipe 2190158 spacer 2102520101A Clutch pressure plate and cover assembly 612600040241 Outlet pipe 1000576058 Fan clutch assembly 1001033379 spacer 1007578380 SCR 2014617 Fuel filler plug assembly 612601110984 Turbocharger 1000692765 Secondary balancing mechanism 2063173/SZ1 EGR cooler water outlet pipe assembly 2027810 gasket DHN2.3Q000101 (WP2.3NQ130E50) truck diesel engine
1001244766 Supercharger assembly
1003311415 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
13023635 Supercharger oil return pipe
90003800431S Hexagon head bolt
1007655616 Support screw
612600110208-1 Exhaust pipe heat shield
Z20280006 EGR cooler water outlet pipe
1005838290 Support block
24A486 high pressure oil pump
612600131043 Blocking cover
2050219 Idler gear parts
1006155676 Gas line connecting hose
331005000781 Fuel injector return pipe
X6231.463W fuel return pipe
1008585111 water pump
612600040657 Outlet pipe
13060136 Air filter (complete with freezing)
612600117288 Bracket
2130124 Oil filter welding
1009346801 Engine wiring harness
331001000156 front oil seal
1003659288 Cylinder liner
1001103834 Gasket
1000331069 Tensioner bracket
A55-021 WP3.9D33E2 diesel engine for power generation (discontinued)
email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
1013731560 Diesel engine routine maintenance package
1002638076 Engine wiring harness
1000338309 Air compressor intake pipe
612630120391 Intake take-up
1000393888M1 Windshield Bracket
612640130881 Urea return pipe
28883/PJGSL 4100 starter
612630090028M1 remanufactured injector
612600113335 intake pipe
DHH10G006001-B WP10HG220E473 diesel engine for construction machinery 1001247988 Muffler bracket 612600115252 air filter body 9000000434 O-shaped rubber seal 2100373/SZ high pressure oil pump 1000186499 Oil line connecting hose DHL10G009801 (WP10G240E341) diesel engine for engineering machinery
1107281 Wave elastic washer (discontinued)
1000983683 Fuel primary filter
14011560G Cover
1006045157 Pipe clamp assembly
612630110931 Gas line connecting hose
610800100051 Fan connection plate
612600081162 Fuel injection pump assembly
1002364558 Idler pulley
1013732789 Diesel engine basic maintenance package
1005366506 Oil filter inlet pipe
1001070408 Stud
1001156730 Air compressor return pipe assembly
612630010576 Oil filter
100GF.07 Engine front left bracket
email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
1005062369 O-shaped rubber sealing ring
DHN2.3Q017901-B (WP2.3NQ130E61) truck diesel engine 1000364279 Fuel primary filter 612600112474 Intercooling tube bracket 1003303068 Support screw 61560110117A Hose DHP06K038101 WP6NG210E50 natural gas engine (discontinued)
1001701477 Supercharger oil return pipe assembly
DH3.2T003201-B WP3.2G61E316 diesel engine for agricultural machinery 1001567719 Flywheel housing 612600012410 Engine front left bracket 612600012070 Oil dipstick assembly 28201707/PJGS gear oil 1003943306 Flywheel assembly 1000579878 SCR box assembly 1004699331 Connector body 1006437111 V-type clamp 1000127944 Connector 1000195591M1 Exhaust valve bridge assembly 1004164808 Fuel return pipe assembly 1000103349 Air compressor water inlet pipe assembly DHN2.5Q0119-10001 WP2.5NQ160E61 truck diesel engine
2021691/SZ fixed bracket
DHP06T031501 (WP6G160E330) diesel engine for agricultural machinery 1000343296 Intermediate gear cover 610800111297 Supercharger water inlet pipe assembly Z107588 bolt 1002985364 Fuel inlet pipe assembly 1001424867 board DHD10G042101 (WD10G220E23) diesel engine for construction machinery
90014570018 Retaining ring for hole
13022497 Gasket
612600111465 Turbocharger
Z20110031 filter assembly
612600062511 External thermostat
1000073821 exhaust manifold
13030329 Bracket

2260230 Supercharger oil pipe assembly
email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
9000000678 Hose clamp
1002894243 Gas line connecting hose
9000000529 Hexagonal flange bolt
612630110609 O-shaped rubber seal
13025924 Stop cylinder bracket
1000889411 SCR catalytic muffler
1013260190 Diesel engine extended warranty maintenance package
email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
DH3.7K008701-B (WP3.7Q113E50) Passenger car diesel engine 13023485 Flywheel 612600180040-11 Remote display 1002029387 Turbocharger 612600040238 Engine hanging plate (platform frozen) 1000265663 Two-stage oil pump 1005771897 Fuel injector fastening bolt 1002329021 Air compressor assembly (matched for freezing) DHH10K004401 (WP10HNG380E60) gas machine
1002303982 Rear lifting ring
1000283266 Support block
612600114873 pipe clamp
1009808264 Post-processing transition harness
1000195670 Hydraulic pump assembly
612600191250 Ignition wire harness
1000609552 Exhaust elbow heat insulation layer
1000195985 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
612600114072 Intercooling pipe assembly
1001355738 Purifier assembly
1006758815 Turbocharger
1000127257 stud
1003243435 Cylinder head auxiliary bolt
612600111843 Air compressor lubricating oil pipe
2063343/SZ muffler
1000336324 Engine front bracket
612600083040 Fine filter-injection pump fuel pipe assembly
DH4.1K037001 (WP4.1Q150E50) Passenger car diesel engine 1152349 Hexagon socket head screw 1004679015 water pump 612600170078Z seawater pump 13020304 crankshaft pulley DHP12Q013801 WP12.430N diesel engine (discontinued)
612600112850M1 exhaust gas turbocharger
28196/PJGSL Thermostat Cover Q
612630170016 hollow bolt
1006758650 Oil filter and cooler assembly
1000929191 High voltage line assembly
X6260.634 card board
1005375545 DOC_SCR assembly
90003802672 Hexagon head bolt
1004705791 Intake pipe
612600062447 Coolant connecting hose
612600130119 Air compressor gear
13061556 Oil and gas separator bracket
1003791542 Oil filter bracket
1000210018 Pre-supply pump oil inlet pipe
1000907032 Fuel primary filter
612600083606 support block
1002136238 Air compressor return pipe assembly
2040147 Washer
610800040321 Oil and gas separator bracket
612639000078S Hexagon head bolt
13065800 Flywheel connecting ring (matched and frozen)
1003941583 Oil dipstick tube assembly
612600061715 Hexagonal flange face toothed bolt
20602203F Fuel injection pump pulley
email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
1003093086 Sensor holder
1001622338 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly
13024499 Combination sealing gasket
2030585/SZ connecting rod mechanical parts
1000739690 Rear power take-off lubricating oil pipe assembly
609F070041 sealing ring
DHP06K070001 (WP6.220E50) Passenger car diesel engine 1004329227 Pipe joint 1002162371 Supercharger oil inlet pipe 612600191151 gas pipe 612600111598 Compressor intake pipe assembly 612639000055 pipe joint 2062915 Gas line connecting hose DHP03K012501 (WP3Q130E50) Passenger car diesel engine (matching frozen)
612600120058 Intake take-up
1000288064 Hexagonal flange bolt
90015050032 Cylindrical pin
1001432052 DOC_DPF_SCR assembly
1001997430 Thermostat cover
15036220S flange
1178940 Hexagon head bolt
1000143774 Turbocharger
1001777373 WP3 National V Basic Parts Assembly
1004441827 Exhaust pipe sealing ring
1005029583 Cylinder head cover assembly
612600083027 Coarse filter-fuel transfer pump fuel pipe assembly
1004613916 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
612600530012 Radiator
611600040077 Engine hanging plate
1000509653 Body assembly
612600020530 crankshaft pulley
email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
16021610T gasket
1001729007 Built-in thermostat
612601080834 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly
1003799015 SCR catalytic muffler
1000054052 cover
X6231.420W intercooler intake pipe assembly
1005688135 water pump
1005097868 Cylinder head sub-assembly
email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
DHP12Q051201 WP12.375N diesel engine (discontinued) DHP12Q256601 (WP12.400E62) truck diesel engine
1012700571 Diesel engine basic maintenance package
1002206141 exhaust pipe
612640160094 Built-in thermostat
61560110013 Intake take-up
2220109/SZ DG6 speed sensor
330225000036 fan
612600100085 fan
1001697551 Exhaust pipe
1001920001 Oil dipstick tube assembly
331005000788 Fuel inlet pipe assembly
1000788617 Support screw
13021720Z seawater pump
13053008 Throttle cable bracket
email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019
612630120384 gasket
DH3.2T0194-50001-B WP3.2G50E434 Diesel engine for agricultural machinery 1004142016 Oil pipe assembly 612600083161 Fuel injection pump assembly 24PL116 high pressure oil pump 1001767222 Urea pump 1152711 Bowl plug 610800190138 Air rail assembly 1000432889 Intercooler outlet pipe assembly 13028981 Coolant connecting hose 2102040110A Cover nut sealing gasket 1009069703 Supercharger oil inlet pipe assembly 1006834087 Flywheel assembly DHN4.1K001201-B (WP4.1NQ190E50) Passenger car diesel engine
41772142F Inner hexagonal tapered screw plug
1000060657 Hexagonal flange bolt
1002935201 Filter assembly
612601111081 Turbocharger
1000103727 Air compressor
1006356468 Gas line connecting hose
2062857 Turbo exhaust pipe
1001553664 Turbocharger
DHN03Q001201-B (WP3NQ160E61) truck diesel engine 1004220117 cylinder head gasket 1001180722 Bracket 612600013395 Hexagonal flange bolt 2120914 Fuel return pipe assembly 13039723+001 Body sub-assembly 1001786509 crankshaft pulley 611600030021 Trapezoidal barrel ring 1005339346 Injection valve bracket 61560050042J intake valve 2230354 Generator 1003712075 Oil and gas separator outlet pipe 1001680903 Mixed intake pipe 9000001795 Hexagonal flange bolt 13061209 Fuel inlet pipe assembly 1000045804 intake pipe 1000419876 Urea pipette 1008911167 Fuel inlet pipe assembly 1000082025 fixed bracket 1004990247 Oil filter inlet pipe DHP10Q157801 WP10.336E40 diesel engine (discontinued)
90011350126 Hexagon head bolt
DHP07K113501 (WP7NG240E51) gas machine 13038457 Air filter body 610800010093 Flywheel housing 1004523844 Poly V-belt 2190717 Water inlet pipe welding 1000305305 SCR catalytic muffler 9000000240 Hexagonal flange bolt 13020245 Body components 612600090922 Engine wiring harness 13057185 crankshaft pulley 2085020105 crankshaft timing gear 1006257774 Supercharger heat shield email:sinoreal@yeah.net WHATSAPP/WeChat/TEL:+86 13864928019 2130220 Oil pan welding 1003164591 Outlet pipe joint 612600191287 Electronic throttle 1003375781 Hydraulic pump cover 13024513 Fuel injection pump gear 2060167 Exhaust branch pipe 2020061 Main bearing bolt 2030661 Piston ring assembly 612600140098 Flexible shaft bracket 1005827203 Support screw 13067497 Mechanical fuel injection pump assembly 1002827450 Fuel return pipe assembly (matched for freezing) 1005759881 Coolant connecting hose DHP12Q251801-B (WP12.460E50) truck diesel engine
1000320006 ECU shock absorber pad
DHB04T011901 WP4T154E200 diesel engine (discontinued) 13068918 Sleeve DHB06G008601 WP6G125E201 diesel engine (discontinued)
13039929 Heat exchanger

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